Welcome to PBIS

Get a secured hosting. New hosting specialists are in the market for you now. Best hosting with the best prices is now available. To access any of our service you need to register with us. All services are available in the login panel. You can read service details without login but to get access you must have an account with us. Don’t worry account is free and no credit card details needed for registration. You need to have only a genuine email address to activate your account. Data privacy and security are an inseparable part of our business.

Data Cloud

  •   UK Based Servers
  •   Infrastructure based on Leading Technologies
  •   Data is encrypted & secured
  •   High speed network connectivty
  •   Tech support from highly qualified techniticians
  •   Live sync for multiple devices for data share with safety and security
  •   Starts from £4.99 per month

Web Hosting

  •   FTP Access to servers
  •   User friendly control panel
  •   Dedicated static IP address
  •   HTTP / 2 service
  •   Tech support from highly qualified techniticians
  •   Virtual Private Network (VPN) Access
  •   Starts from £9.99 per month

Virtual Private Nework (VPN)

  •   Connect home and Office computers
  •   Solution to connect your regional offices in a single private network
  •   Implement you security policy organizational wide
  •   Secured network with encrypted communication over dedicated channels
  •   Expert support from network engineers
  •   Take your office with you
  •   Starts from £3.49 per computer per month

Hosted Servers

  •   Remote access through secured VPN
  •   Full control over your applications
  •   Purposely build machines
  •   Shared servers
  •   Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
  •   Dedicated servers
  •   Starts from £25.00 per month