PBIS Hosted Server

Hosted solutions for businesses

Many businesses need to secure their data and centralise the control over their IT infrastructure. It is hard to host on premises servers and a complete competitive team in house. PBIS Offers a complete and unique solution that meets the needs of the all organisations. Our engineers build custom designs for the organisations to meet their heterogeneous needs.

Just login into your account, or register for free and ask for a trial to understand how we can meet your organisational needs.

Hosted server features

  •   24/7 data accessible
  •   RSync / DataSync
  •   Data doesn’t just have to be stored on physical hardware anymore like USB sticks or hard drives. Whilst a physical storage device is still useful, it could still be damaged in a fire to lost to theft. That’s where cloud backup comes in
  •   A reliable data recovery service to ensure business continuity if something were to happen
  •   99.7% uptime for last two years and continuous improving in services.
  •   Data encryption with security certificates
  •   The option of incremental backup – so only the files that have been changed since the last backup will be copied (perfect if you want to reduce storage space)
  •   Trusted experts protecting your data – with our team’s years of experience, you can rest assured knowing that your business is in safe hands
  •   A PBIS guarantee that all data backed-up to our servers will stay within the UK

With PBIS, stressing over the loss of critical information will become a thing of the past. Backups can truly save your business and give you peace of mind. So, if a simple, safe and secure backup service sounds like something you need for your business, contact us now and we will give you FREE online storage for the first month!

The tech details

Here at PBIS, we strive to provide you with the best online storage for your data. That’s why we guarantee that your backups are protected with the best encryption software and SSL ciphers.

We completely understand that sometimes, it is way too risky for your sensitive information to be stored at a data centre somewhere overseas. Therefore, we made sure that our data centres are based in the UK and the UK alone.

Learn more about our backup service by getting in touch with us today. Together, we can ensure that in the event of a crisis, your business will stay running and your data will stay safe.