Virtual private network

Connect your all offices in a single secured network

With VPN solution form PBIS, static IP Addresses are not needed anymore. You do not need to have any static IP Address or pay for it. Our VPN solution helps you to share data among your offices, staff and devices securely and even centralise your security policies and implement them organizational wide. You can even run one single integrated telephone system between all of your offices and home. Contact us for a demo “How VPN can help you?”

Our Virtual Private Network (VPN) configurations can implement organizational intranet easy and secure. It is a secured network option if you have a reliable internet connection. Many small to medium businesses are using it in conjunction with our private “Active Directory Server (ADS)”, “Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)” and ”Virtual Application Solutions (VAS)” categorized as Software as Service (SAS).

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Virtual Private Network (VPN) features

  •   24/7 data accessible
  •   Take your office with you
  •   Implement, work from home for your employees and reduce the cost of your office space
  •   Secured data communication over dedicated channels
  •   99.7% uptime for the last two years and continuous improvement in services.
  •   Data storage facility as per clients‘ choice
  •   Expert support from network engineers
  •   Connect your computers to a centralised server for virtual infrastructure

£ 4.99/month
per month
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Get your computer connected on your private network

  •   Connect home and office
  •   Centralise your business
  •   Expert support
  •   Unlimited traffic

PBIS Networking Solutions

With PBIS, connecting your computers or connecting various offices in a single network is an easy task. It helps businesses to have control over complete IT set up from a central place. We offer fully secured network communication within your organization and externally over the Virtual Private Network Channels.

The tech details

Here at PBIS, we strive to provide a hight quality security to your data, applications and IT infrastructure. That’s why our whole communication is encrypted with our in house software and SSL ciphers.

We completely understand data communication and data transfer over the network is a challenge for small organizations. This is the point where PBIS is available with a reliable and consistent solution.

Learn more about our network service by getting in touch with us today. Together, we can ensure that in the event of a crisis, your business will stay running and your data and applications are always safe.