Web hosting

Hosting a website is not an issue

Website hosting is not a product, it is a service and an art to present and secure your business face. Get your website on our local servers in UK. You can ask for shared servers or your own private server to have more control on your web applications. We offer every type of web hosting. It is not just hosting, it is a hosting with passion and technology in a modern, in house hosted IT infrastructure. We have:

  • Shared web hosting
  • Virtual private server/Dedicated virtual server
  • Dedicate physical server
  • Cloud hosting

A website is an image of your business. Nowadays, hacking of websites, replacing the contents, inserting links to other website for the purposes of ranking is a normal act of hackers. A secured web hosting plays a great role in branding and business reputation. Contact us for more information.

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Website hosting features

  •   No hit restriction on hosted website
  •   No upload / download restrictions
  •   Secured brand new servers with updated software running on them
  •   Appropriate firewalls always fighting with malicious hits and unnecessary payloads
  •   99.7% uptime for last two years and continuous improving in services.
  •   Data encryption with security certificates
  •   Get your website online within minutes without any hassle
  •   Cloud hosting with great business solutions

£ 1.99/month
per month
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Host your websites up to 10 at one place and extend as you need

  •   User friendly control panel
  •   Flexible scalability
  •   PHP 7.3, IIS10, HTTP/2 & gzip
  •   Tech support for PBIS Clients

Secured Webhosting

No unnecessary redirects or ads on hosted websites. Complete protection over the servers and great reliability for unwanted updates on websites.